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Wix vs Wordpress?

There are now a fantastic variety of tools out there to help anyone from a novice to a seasoned professional create a beautiful website. Gone are the days when you needed to understand coding and network infrastructure to create a great looking site. Some of the favorites are Wordpress, Squarespace and Wix. So which tool should you be using?

Wordpress is by the far the most popular choice out there and the tool of choice for organisations from governments to banks to gym chains. It is a free, open source tool with a huge community of users who can provide support. You can add plugins including SEO and most importantly you can manipulate the code to adapt your website to work exactly as you need it to. This means you have the flexibility to create completely unique features for your site that stand out from the crowd.

So is Wordpress the best choice for everyone? I don't think so. I am a Wix expert and started out my website design career running a Wix website for my own small business. I found the drag and drop experience enjoyable and with it I created a beautiful site that helped to build my brand and converted hits into sales. What is more by utilising the SEO wizard and being clever with the wording I reached 1st page - and often first place - on Google, within a few months of going live. My business became one of the best known in my city due to my internet presence.

Concusion: Shall I use Wix or Wordpress?

If you are technically minded, run a large website, or want flexibility to make a site work with unique features then Wordpress is the professional choice. However competitors such as Wix are still fantastic options for small businesses/designers/entrepreneurs who want to easily edit any aspect of their site without a complicated content management system. They still create professional looking websites with functionalities such as e-commerce and booking systems and can still reach 1st place on Google.

If you want friendly help building your professional website in Wix or Wordpress at an affordable price please contact me for a quotation.

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