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An App For Your Business?

We are now offering apps for small businesses.

Imagine your logo sitting on a mobile phone alongside international brands such as Facebook, Instagram and Amazon.

We successfully rolled out our first branded app last month for Acral – a pioneering courier company based in Africa. Customers can simply click on the app on their device to book door to door parcel deliveries across Ghana. The app is downloadable in both Apple and Google Play.

Would having an app improve my sales?

If you have clients and customers who order products or services more than once, then it may be worth getting an app for your small business. For example, if you are a fitness trainer, a tutor, or run a small gym and you want customers to easily be able to book classes then an app will provide a convenient shortcut for your clients.

Apps are also great for online stores – for example if you run an online boutique store with repeat business, then an app could make you the obvious go-to supplier over your competitors.

How much does it cost to create an app?

Apps traditionally cost into tens of thousands of pounds to design, deliver, and build. If you have a Wix website then we can use the Wix Branded App feature to deliver your app at a fraction of the normal price and right now Wix are offering a 50% discount.

How often do you look at your mobile device and for how many hours a day? With an app sitting on people’s mobile phones your brand will never be far from people’s minds. Imagine the value in terms of brand awareness alone.

Approved Apple Developers

SIGo Digital are approved Apple Developers. We can make the process of getting your app to store smooth and hassle free. Our design team will create an engaging app that sells. To find out more please contact us here and we will honestly advise whether a Wix app is the right choice for your small to medium sized business.

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