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At SIGo Digital we like to keep things simple. Here are a few simple things to know about our service.

1. The downpayment made to commence a project is non-refundable. We find a 50% downpayment to be a fair way for the client to balance the risk with their investment, with the risk we invest with our time. Under exceptional circumstances we may refund some or all of the 50% payment at our discretion. 

2. We reserve the right to display work we complete for clients on our website, Google Profile and social media. If you do not wish for us to display the work we have completed for you then please tell us explicitly.

3. SIGo Digital are Wix partners and Shopify partners. This means that we work with these technologies and are recommended by these companies as approved suppliers. We are not sub-contractors or employees for Wix or for Shopify and are not held accountable to them. 

4. We offer a free support period of 30 days for issues related to our work after project completion (or 14 days for projects under £300). Issues arising which are not related to our work are not covered by free support. 

5. For products with revisions  until the client approves. If the client takes more than 60 days to come back with feedback then we reserve the right to charge more than the original amount in proportion to increased costs over that period.

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