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Wix Services

SIGo Digital are an approved Wix partner with Wix Legend status. We have built over 100 websites using the Wix platform and most of them are still live. We are also certified to develop websites using Velo (Wix code). Here are a few of the services we offer on Wix but this list is by no means exhaustive. 


Wordpress to Wix Migration

We can replicate your existing Wordpress website in Wix, or create a modern website for 2024. Get in touch to discuss your WordPress to Wix migration. Capitalise on 7+ years experience for £350 per day.

Build A Website On Wix

We can build and host your website on Wix. Wix websites are suitable for most small to medium sized businesses and come with a host of options. They can be built quickly and rank well on Google. Get in touch to discuss your Wix web design. Capitalise on 7+ years experience for £350 per day.

Bookings System on Wix

We will configure Wix bookings for your website and app. Wix bookings is suitable for 1-1 appointments and classes. It is ideal for fitness trainers, consultants, teachers, etc. Get in touch to discuss using Wix bookings for your business. Capitalise on 7+ years experience for £350 per day.


We will optimise your Wix website to rank on Google. Wix websites can rank well on Google and we are here to advise how you can do it. Packages start at £350. Get in touch to discuss Wix SEO

Wix Code / Velo Solutions

Velo is the code created by Wix for customising websites on the Wix platform for advanced functionalities. SIGo Digital are certified Velo developers. Our Velo solutions start at £350. Get in touch to discuss using Velo to customise your website

Mega Menu on Wix

A mega menu is a multi-tier menu which allows users to quickly navigate large websites. They are great for large websites where the user has an intent to find a specific service or product from a large array of pages.  We can create a mega menu on Wix for £350. Get in touch to discuss a mega menu for Wix.

Lead Magnet on Wix

We can create an entire sales funnel for your business using Wix, complete with lead magnet and automated emails. We can also set up a Facebook campaign to drive users to your landing page and integrate Facebook Pixel for retargeting. Get in touch to create your lead magnet on Wix.

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