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Testing Out Wix Code

"Creativity without limits" the slogan reads, and as an official Wix expert, I decided it was finally time to put Wix code to the test.

Any Google search will bring up plenty of resources and videos created by Wix to help you get started. I discovered that it is surprisingly easy to use. It did not take long for me to put in some nice interactive touches into my client's website, even though I tend to shy away from coding.

The beauty that I see in this system is that while you can potentially input any combination of javascript to create unique interactive effects, the development environment is all set up for you with text prompts as you type. It means that you can get started on creating the logic for your desired effect without first needing to learn all the intricacies and structures of frontend development.

Without limitations Wix code is not. For example you cannot change anything in applications such as Wix Bookings. Also the Wix telephone support ends as soon as you start using the code. Nevertheless you can set up your own database and enter/extract/display information as needed. It means you can do a lot.

All in all it is a thumbs up from me. Stay tuned for more updates as I delve deeper into the code.

Photograph By Wix

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