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4 Essential Steps To Improve Your Google Ad Performance

In this day and age Google is very clever and ultimately Google prefers you to pay for Ads rather than rely on organic search. SEO is not dead, but depending on your competition, it takes a lot of time and effort building up your site as a credible presence on the web. While you work for your site to rank on the SERP, I usually advise clients to pay for an ad campaign if they want to be seen in their early months on the web. Here are 4 strategies you should follow to be successful.

1. Do your keyword research using the key word planning tool. Put yourself in the mind of your customer and what they might search for, and also work out the negative searches you do not want people to find you on.

2. Create customised landing pages for each advert to exactly match the advert phrasing, with a call to action that the user will see quickly when they have landed.

3. Set up Google analytics with clear conversion goals. E.G set arriving on a thank you page as a goal for people who submit a form, and monitor conversions.

4. Know the life time value of a customer who converts, and monitor your conversion rate so that you can optimise your cost per click accordingly.

Here is an infographic!

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