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We will design a sharp, professional website that you are proud to show off to the world. Our clients include consultancies, international NGOs, events companies and online store owners. We also work with many local service clients such as tradesmen, yoga studios and therapists.


We can create customised functionalities including eCommerce, music streaming, booking systems, social media integration, and database driven portfolios. Your website will be designed and built with Google in mind. We charge a one-time fixed fee with no surprises, and we don't tie clients into hosting contracts unless we can add value.


We work with WordPress, Wix and Shopify. We are approved Wix partners based on our portfolio of high quality work. Here are some example websites we have created.


The Best WiX Design Agency In The World?

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SIGo Digital are amongst the highest ranking Wix design agencies in the world. We have been creating ‘Wixsites’ for nearly five years and have now been accredited with Wix Legend status in the Wix Marketplace, based on our large portfolio of high quality Wix website designs, most of which are still live on the internet today!

Wix Marketplace

About Wix Marketplace

The Wix Marketplace used to be called the Wix Arena and in 2022 it features thousands of freelance web designers as well as Wix agencies who have been approved by Wix as high quality designers. In order to be accepted into the Wix Marketplace, candidates must submit several Wix website designs which are scrutinised for quality.

In 2022 the Wix Marketplace is highly competitive and Wix partners must carve out a niche to survive. Wix users can browse the Marketplace for a partner they want to work with, or by pressing ‘Hire A Wix Partner’ from their Wix dashboard, they can have their details submitted to several approved Wix expert designers who can then get in touch with the potential new client. Each partner has a page in the Wix Marketplace with a description about themselves, their services, and their pricing. Typical services offered by Wix partners include website design, small tasks, configuration of applications, SEO, Custom logo design, branding, graphics, and marketing services.

You can view our profile in the Wix Marketplace here.

Wix Templates

There are thousands of Wix templates available to browse and if you find one you like this is a quick and easy way to get started on your web design project. However the beauty of the Wix drag-&-drop interface is that it is so easy to create the look you want from scratch that you can just as easily start your Wix design project with a blank template. 

This way you can choose your theme colours, fonts and configure your business settings to exactly match your own branding. (Personally, I find the Wix website creation experience an enjoyable process – perhaps that is why SIGo Digital are amongst the most successful Wix partners in the world!)

Wix Templates
Wix Loading Time

Wix Loading Time

Traditionally Wix sites were a little slow to load. Even as recently as in 2020 we spotted an issue with loading time for Wix sites which had a lot of items in a blog or events calendar, especially when the site loaded on a tablet.

In 2022 Wix websites load quickly – just as quickly as websites built on other popular platforms such as WordPress. They load particularly quickly on mobile devices by using AMP technology and feature sleek loading animations for mobile phones. In 2022 loading speed no longer needs to be a consideration for whether to choose Wix as your website platform.


Wix SEO is excellent. An intuitive SEO wizard in the Wix dashboard can help you to set up your basic headers and descriptions around your website according to your targeted keywords. This will get your website off to a good start but like with any website, high Google rankings require hard work and a coherent strategy.

 If you have a genuine niche that people search for on Google then it will be easier for Google to serve your website on its results page. So think hard about your unique selling point that sets you apart from competitors, create enticing page titles and descriptions that people will want to click on, and build a great website that keeps people browsing your content!


Wix Pricing

It is easy to start creating your Wix website for free by simply choosing a template and starting to edit. This is how millions of users originally started with Wix. If you want to remove Wix branding and connect to a custom domain then you will need to pay Wix a monthly or annual subscription. They offer a variety of plans which often include little freebies such as Google ads vouchers. If you want to process payments on your website then you will need to select a business plan.


Here are screenshots from the Wix pricing plans page taken in March 2022. Pricing is of course subject to change and every now and then they make special offers so sometimes it is worth holding out before you purchase your premium plan. Bear in mind when choosing your plan that by using Wix, your security and updates are taken care of. Wix websites simply don’t go down in the way that they may if a theme and plugin come into conflict on Wordpress, and no major security breaches have been reported to date.

Wix Pricing in March 2022

(premium plans with no payment processing)

Wix pricing in March 2022

Wix Pricing in March 2022

(business plans with payment processing)

Wix pricing in MArch 2022 with payment processing

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"Really great! My site was a mess after two failed companies tried to design something simply went horribly wrong... I was at my wits end and just not making progress. I got a consultation with the design team the same day I spoke to Simon. They took control and created a professional site with an easy booking process that has helped me to sell tickets for my events. They charged a reasonable price and have even been so kind to help me out with little bits after going live free of charge. I highly recommend this service! Thank you Simon for saving my business by giving me a website people can actually USE! :)"

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